Enersense specifies the focus areas of its growth strategy and elevates zero-emission transport into equal position with onshore and offshore wind power and solar energy – financial targets unchanged

Enersense International Plc
Stock exchange release, Oct 20, 2022 at 11:40 am

The strategic goal of Enersense International Plc, a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, is intact: the company’s goal is to grow from a broad-based service company in the energy sector to a producer of clean energy and a key green energy company. In connection with its annual strategy process, Enersense has specified the focus areas of its growth strategy and elevates zero-emission transport into equal position with onshore and offshore wind power as well as solar energy. In zero-emission transport, new business is sought from electric vehicle charging solutions and clean fuels. In offshore wind power, the growth is sought from wind turbine foundations, in particular, and in solar energy from project development, construction and own energy generation. The specified focus of the strategy supports the company’s long-term financial targets that remain unchanged.

Enersense’s goal within the focus area of zero-emission transport is the expand in the value chain from an installation and maintenance partner for providers of various charging equipment solutions to charging equipment producer, where the company see substantial growth potential. The company already has a strategic partnership with an investment of 10 per cent in Parkkisähkö Oy, a provider of charging systems for housing companies, companies, and public locations. Enersense has also a partial ownership in P2X Solutions through which Enersense in enhancing the reduction of emissions in heavy transport using hydrogen and synthetic fuels and enabling the storage of electricity through green hydrogen.

Enersense has started strengthening its footprint in the electric vehicle charging solutions value chain by signing an agreement on the acquisition of Unified Chargers Oy, a Finnish start-up who manufactures fast and high-power charging stations for electric vehicles. The revenue of Unified Chargers during the previous financial period was EUR 0.4 million showing an increase of 87 per cent year-on-year. Its loss for the period was EUR -0.4 million. The purchase price is EUR 1.2 million and it will be paid in full by means of new Enersense shares to be issued. The share transaction is conditional on the Extraordinary General Meeting of Enersense, convened to be held on 10 November 2022, authorising Enersense’s Board of Directors to decide on a directed share issue related to the share transaction. The transaction is expected to be completed during November 2022 and after that Enersense will be able to offer advanced and customisable charging solutions for public locations and for the needs of heavy transport, as well as smart services for charging station operation.

“The significant additional generation of renewable energy will enable zero-emission transport through electrification and clean fuels. By lifting expansion in the charging infrastructure value chain as one of the focus areas of our growth strategy we will be more closely engaged in this development and as the implementation of our strategy moves forward, we will be able to respond more comprehensively to the growing demand in the market. In addition to this, we consider hydrogen to play a significant role in the green transition, both in storing electricity and enabling zero-emission heavy transport,” says CEO Jussi Holopainen.


Jussi Holopainen
President and CEO

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