Maintenance services with years of experience

Reliable, fast and flexible data connections are important parts of our daily lives, and requirements for innovation and new services.

We take care of our customers’ connections 24/7, ensuring an excellent level of reliability for data services. We continuously develop our operating methods to produce the best possible customer experience, and we invest heavily in digital solutions that use the latest technologies.

Enersense’s maintenance organisation provides preventive and annual maintenance and repair services covering every part of Finland. We are an experienced and flexible partner for the lifecycle management of data networks. We not only ensure the reliability of data networks; we also provide servicing and maintenance for telematics.

Our primary customers include telecom operators, property owners and investors, towns and municipalities.

Preventive maintenance ensures reliable networks

We take a proactive approach to faults, and we identify and schedule any needs for servicing in the telecommunications infrastructure to prevent any interruptions.

Our specialists plan preventive maintenance programmes as agreed throughout Finland, based on pre-defined times and/or needs. Our local organisations carry out daily and monthly plans to ensure effective and flexible operations.

24/7 repair services

We provide 24/7 repair services for networks, equipment and telematics – reliably and professionally. As our customer, you have access to real-time information about the progress of maintenance and repairs, as reported directly from the field by our professionals.

We have a decade’s experience of repair services, covering our telecom operators’ corporate and consumer customer subscriptions, copper and optical networks, cable TV networks and trunk network equipment, as well as services provided for other customers, such as preventive maintenance and repair services for telematics.

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Harri Huittinen
Head of Installation and Maintenance
Jyrki Korhonen
Service Manager
Maintenance Services Finland