Flexible maintenance services for well-timed servicing and maintenance of equipment

Our experienced experts facilitate the reliability of the customer’s deliveries, allowing the customer to concentrate on its own business. Thanks to our comprehensive range of services, our customers obtain all necessary maintenance centre services on a turnkey basis from one place and to the agreed schedule.

Enersense’s maintenance centre and machine shop services are independent of equipment suppliers, cost-effective and a flexible solution for different maintenance needs. We produce the maintenance services for different industrial sectors at our maintenance centres in Hamina, Lappeenranta, Inkeroinen and Kuusankoski, as well as at the customers’ premises.

We have more than 20 years’ experience of maintenance centre services, and we annually service approximately 1,000 electrical motors and 500 other components. The design and manufacture of structural welded steel assemblies and product systems is certified to ENEN 1090, and our welding operations hold an ISO 3834 quality certificate.

Among other things, our equipment maintenance services cover electrical motors, bearing assemblies, gears, pumps, valves/actuators and rotary feeders. Our machine shop services cover the manufacture of load-bearing steel structures, as well as screw feeders and mixers, for example. We operate in production facilities with high floor load-bearing capacities, large doorways, good hoisting capacity and the concentrated competence of different professions.

Our services for the servicing and maintenance of electrical machines

Enersense provides a comprehensive range of services for the servicing and maintenance of electrical machines. We are one of the leading companies providing maintenance and coiling services for rotary electrical machines in Finland. We are backed by more than 20 years’ experience of electrical motor maintenance. Every year, we service almost 1,000 electrical machines at our Lappeenranta and Hamina units. We can always ensure a high-quality delivery; our success rate in motor maintenance is 99.9%.

We provide our customers with maintenance and coiling services for all types of electrical machine. Our service competence includes inspection and conditioning of stator disc assemblies, balancing, alterations of operating voltage, repair machining, and various testing, measurement and analysis services.

Our experienced electrical machine fitters and experts also carry out maintenance, installation and reconditioning work at the customers’ premises. We provide a holistic range of all work related to the commissioning of motors and generators. We can carry out the installation as a project delivery that includes all mechanical and electrical work.

Motor concept

In Enersense’s motor concept, the size of the spare motor stock is chosen to match the requirements of the customer company’s production. The concept utilises data analysis that allows us to optimise the value and functionalities of the customer’s motor stockpile.
Data analysis based on facts and actual results allow us to reduce the size of the motor stockpile, release capital and significantly improve the positive environmental impact. Our motor concept includes:

  • Factory stockpiles of common and critical motors for ensuring reliable deliveries and operation.
  • A central warehouse operating with the motor pool principle and including a smaller, optimised number of motors in stock. Capital is released for other purposes without compromising the availability of production.
  • Optimised logistics means less transport and reduced use of fossil fuels, smaller storage facilities and less heating of facilities.
  • Digital real-time views of the spare motors available for optimising the reliability of operation.

Maintenance, repair and polishing services for rolls

The holistic roll replacement and maintenance service ensures the good operability of rolls, extends their mechanical service life, shortens the downtime required to replace them and reduces the disruptions caused by rolls.

Roll replacement

Our mobile roll replacement team takes care of planning the roll replacement operations to be carried out during downtime, performs the replacements and produces the reports.

Roll maintenance

Roll maintenance is carried out by a maintenance team specialising in roll maintenance. The maintenance team has long experience of roll maintenance and polishing.

Content of the roll maintenance service

  • Packaging the roll and moving it to the location where it is serviced or polished
  • Receipt of the roll polishing requirements from the buyer and polishing the roll in compliance with the customer’s requirements
  • Dismantling of the roll
  • Carrying out the required maintenance/repairs and measurements
  • Reassembly of the roll
  • Protection of the coated roll surface
  • Delivery of the roll to the agreed warehouse
  • Reporting to the customer’s maintenance system

Machine shop and steel structure services

Steel structure and sheet metal work

We manufacture even the most demanding steel structures for industrial and construction use safely, cost-effectively and to the agreed schedule.

  • Steel structure work (EXC2): maintenance platforms, frame structures, tanks, conveyor structures and sheet metal products
  • Also as a turnkey delivery, including design, manufacture and installation
  • We use MIG/MAG, TIG and stick welding methods

Machining services

Enersense is a cost-effective and flexible solution for machine shop work. Our machining equipment consists of manually operated machines used by experienced professionals. We produce small series and individual items of high quality.

Our machining services include turning, drilling, arbor reaming, milling and the machining of internal keyways. Our lathes can handle objects 10 metres long and 1.5 metres in diameter.

Screw feeders and mixers

  • All screw feeders and mixers for industrial use
  • Manufacture of new screws and reconditioning of old ones to drawings or patterns
  • The materials include black, coated and stainless steels

Excellent straightness and durability

  • Straightening of the body pipe by rotating it in a rig; straightening by heating, not by exerting mechanical force
  • Shaft fittings of the body pipe by a special technique; internal machining of the ends for shaft flanges (interference fit)
  • Repair and recoating of old screws
  • When required, the screw blades can be made of hard-coated or wear-resistant plates, Hardox or equivalent.
  • Various additions improving wear resistance are available, by hard facing the blade edges and working surfaces, etc.

Mechanical equipment maintenance

Enersense’s maintenance centre and machine shop services are independent of equipment suppliers, cost-effective and a flexible solution for different maintenance needs. Our versatile competence allows us to carry out the maintenance of an extensive range of different bearing assemblies, gears, pumps, valves/actuators and rotary feeders.

Our expertise covers the following:

  • Pumps, blowers, mixers, bearing assemblies, gears, valves/actuators and rotary feeders
  • Cylinder maintenance, valves, relief valves
  • Installation and alignment at the customer’s premises
  • We also take care of any peaks in equipment maintenance demand following maintenance outages

We have versatile facilities for the tests and trial operation of serviced equipment:

  • Test benches fitted with frequency converters are available for belt-driven and direct-driven equipment
  • The equipment is run on the test bench at the normal operating speed for two hours
  • Sound and vibration measurements are carried out during the trial run using SPM Leonova instruments

In addition, we have the following facilities:

  • Pressure testing table for relief valves, using nitrogen gas up to 200 bar
  • Water pressure testing table
  • Instrument grade air filter for actuator tests
  • Test bench for hydraulic cylinders
  • Static balancing equipment

Outsourcing the maintenance centres

Enersense assumes responsibility for the customer’s maintenance centre and machine shop services. The service creates an operating model that ensures the availability of service, while operating efficiently and minimising any idle time at the machine shop. Efficiency is guaranteed by Enersense’s multi-customer environment, where the machine shop is a cost-effective maintenance centre independent of equipment suppliers, and always ready to serve both the outsourcing organisation and external customers.

Maintenance centre

We are responsible for the work planning of the maintenance centre in a multi-customer environment, ensuring the high utilisation rate of maintenance centre machines and the minimising of excessive waiting time for personnel.

Storage facility

We provide an opportunity to reduce the capital tied in the stockpile when the maintenance centre is outsourced. The repair cycle of machines coming in for maintenance can be prioritised when the stockpile is optimised by determining its optimal size on the basis of data analysis.

Responsibility for equipment category

We take responsibility for a clear entity in which the high availability of a certain equipment category is guaranteed. At the same time, a spare equipment service is created for the customer using the equipment in the category. This is a machine bed to machine bed service, in which we are responsible for the overall process including preventive maintenance, and for replacing any failed equipment with operational new or repaired equipment.

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