Revenue increased by 39% - full-year revenue expected to be over 300 MEUR


We are central to implementing the energy revolution with our profitable business.


We are a significant promoter of a zero-emission society.

Business areas

Created through the Empower acquisition, Enersense is a provider of zero-emission energy solutions that responds to the energy, construction and telecommunications needs and challenges of a changing society by serving its customers through its expanded service portfolio.

The service portfolio is divided into four reportable business areas: Power, Smart Industry, Connectivity and International Operations.



We help our customers to provide mobile and fixed network services and ensure their operability. We are involved in all phases of the lifecycles of data networks and design, build and maintain fixed and wireless data networks.

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Tyrinselkä windpower park


Design and expert services, Construction, Maintenance and operation, Wind power, Charging systems for electrically powered transport.

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Tuotantolaitosten käyttövarmuuden parantamista ja kunnossapidon tehostamista

Smart Industry

Our Smart Industry business helps customers improve their production plants’ operating reliability and maintenance efficiency.

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Enersensen kansainväliset toiminnot Baltian maissa, Iso-Britanniassa, Saksassa ja Ranskassa

International Operations

The International Operations business covers Enersense’s operations in the Baltic countries, the UK, Germany and France.

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