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Enersense’s wind power services are significantly expanding by the acquisition of Megatuuli Oy on 1 February 2022. Read more in Stock Exchange Release Enersense acquires Megatuuli Oy, an onshore wind farm developer and Enersense has completed the Megatuuli transaction and the new Enersense shares have been registered with the Trade Register.

Megatuuli complements and supports Enersense’s strong selection of wind power  services, making us a more broad-based partner for implementing zero-emission energy solutions. Megatuuli and its partners have projects in progress or in the feasibility study phase in Finland with total capacity of some 3 000MW. Read more about Megatuuli here. Read more from Megatuuli’s services in Finnish here.

Enersense’s wind power services cover the entire lifespan of wind farms from development to construction, operation and maintenance.

Wind power projects have a significant positive impact on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in energy production. We act together with our customers for the climate and environment by enabling the development of renewable energy in a cost efficient, high-quality and safe manner.

The professional wind power team of Enersense will help you in the design and construction of wind power. We have played a significant role in the construction of wind power capacity of more than 1200 MW in Finland and Sweden. Furthermore, we have decades of comprehensive experience in the construction of 110–400 kV high-voltage grids for electrical grid customers, and in the design and construction of internal networks and substations for wind farms.

We are responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of more than 20 substations and internal networks in the wind farms currently in operation.

Project development

Services during the development phase of wind power projects

In addition to the services mentioned below, Enersense’s services for the development phase are significantly completed by the Megatuuli Oy, part of Enersense group.  Read more in English here.

We help our customers from the outset of the project development phase by providing services associated with electrical grids and wind measurements, among other things

Design and expert services for electrical grids

We have decades of experience in the design and construction of high and medium voltage grids. The scope of customer assignments varies, and in wind farm projects, the assignments typically include the following areas:

  • Grid connection surveys, technical analyses and cost analyses
  • Layout of the internal network in the wind farm, preliminary routing plans
  • Cable dimensioning
  • Substation, capacity, location, dimensioning
  • Power distribution calculations, network simulations
  • Estimate of reactive power, need for compensating devices
  • The general and preliminary design of power lines

In more in-depth analyses where the customer’s final requirements are becoming established, we will produce a more detailed plan on the basis of the above analyses for the internal network, substation and possible power line on the basis of the customer’s needs and requirements.

Wind measurement services

In the current market situation, high-quality wind measurement is a necessity. High-quality measurement ensures for its part the future of the project and facilitates the progress of other preparations.

The measurement service typically includes a mast with foundations, wind measurement sensors, a data logger, a modem, external power source and the other technology required for carrying out functional wind measurements of high quality. Sodars (AQ500) can also be included in our supply as an option. We will ensure that the wind measurement campaign is a high-quality process that meets the requirements applicable in the sector. The wind measurement campaign usually has a duration of more than 12 months.

We will select the most suitable sensors for wind measurements on a project-specific basis: for example, the accumulation of ice on the sensors is taken into account for northern sites. Our services also include the dismantling of wind measurement masts.

Enersense’s wind measurement services include:

  • Planning of the mast measurements and the mast
  • Choosing the location for mast measurements and terrain analyses
  • Sodar measurements
  • Storing, processing and quality monitoring of the measurement data
  • Reporting
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Dismantling of masts
  • Performing the calibrations before and/or after the measurement campaign


All wind farm construction services from a single supplier

Our long experience of wind power construction provides an excellent basis for cooperation in wind farm projects of different sizes and types.

We have had a significant role in the construction of wind power capacity of more than 1200 MW in Finland and Sweden. Thanks to our experience, we can find with our customers the solutions that best suit their situation to ensure optimal implementation.

Our particular strength in wind power construction is the construction of wind farm infrastructure as a turnkey delivery where as the main contractor, we are responsible for the design, construction, testing and commissioning of the required package.

The scope of supply by Enersense includes

  • Roads and hoisting areas within the wind farm
  • Power plant foundations
  • Design and construction of the internal network
  • Design, construction and commissioning of the substation

When required, we will also design and construct the power line for the wind farm.

We use reliable, tried and tested subcontractors in our deliveries to ensure the quality of deliveries. In wind farm projects, our strengths include decades’ experience in the preliminary design and implementation planning of high-voltage substations and in their deliveries to customers. We master the requirements for connecting wind farms to the electrical grid and commission the substation as part of our delivery projects. We also carry out the necessary tests compliant with VJV2018 to connect the production plant to the grid.


Wind power operating, maintenance and monitoring services

Maintenance of the substation and internal network

The availability of the substation is important for the production efficiency of the wind farm. Proactive maintenance plays a significant role in the prevention of faults, and when an unexpected fault occurs, professional staff must arrive at the site to locate the fault and restore the power to minimise the interruption in wind power generation.

Enersense provides its customers with a comprehensive maintenance service that includes both proactive inspections and maintenance and a fault repair service. High-voltage equipment must also have an operation manager who complies with the applicable legislation. Operation manager services can be included in our agreements.

24/7 monitoring and operating services

Wind power plants require constant monitoring, and an operator who monitors the state of both the power plants and the substation connected to the wind farm. At the same time, the wind power company must operate in compliance with the official requirements, as well as the standards and regulations in force at the time.

Our customers include wind power producers that have limited resources for establishing their own control rooms. Our monitoring and operating service is a round-the-clock operation that allows the wind power plants and their associated substations to be reliably monitored and controlled.

Operation management of wind farms

Operating services are required for the basic operation of wind power plants. We can help your company with all functions or just with individual ones – according to your requirements:

  • Real-time collection of data and their delivery to market parties
  • Reporting services to the public authorities
  • Operation manager services
  • Monitoring and remote control of the substation and power plant turbine

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