Executive management

The Group Executive Team is responsible for assisting the President & CEO in operational planning and management and for preparing matters for processing by the Board of Directors. The Group Executive Team also prepares the next year’s budget, reports and other necessary material for presentation to the Board.

The Group Executive Team prepares the Group’s strategic planning and annual planning, monitors the implementation of plans and financial reporting, and prepares significant investments, acquisitions and divestments. Its key duties include the development of intra-Group cooperation and the promotion of joint development projects.

Sustainability is a key part of Enersense’s strategy and the entire Group Executive Team is responsible for the company’s sustainability work. The Group Executive Team ensures the resources needed for responsibility work and jointly leads and evaluates the progress, development and fulfillment of practical measures.

The Group Executive Team usually meets once a month. The President & CEO appoints the Secretary of the Executive Management Team. The President & CEO is responsible for the decisions made by the Group Executive Team, and its members are responsible for implementing the decisions in their areas of responsibility.

The members of the Group Executive Team are appointed by the Board of Directors on the proposal of the President & CEO.

President and CEO

Enersense announced on 11 July 2024 that its Board of Directors has appointed Kari Sundbäck as the President and CEO of the company as of 25 November 2024. Juha Silvola will continue as the acting CEO of Enersense until 24 November 2024 after which he will return to EVP, Power and Connectivity business areas.

Juha Silvola

Interim CEO, since 3 May 2024
EVP, Power, since 14 August 2020
EVP, Connectivity, since 16 September 2021

b. 1972

SHAREHOLDING: 15,210 shares

EDUCATION: MSc (manufacturing technology)

Juha has been the executive vice president of Power since March 2019. Previously, he worked as vice president and head of unit at Empower PN Oy. Juha has also been the CEO of Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy and worked in managerial positions in marketing, R&D, and production development at Polar Electro Oy. Juha has extensive experience in developing business operations and improving profitability.

Tommi Manninen

SVP, Communications and Public Affairs, since 1 February 2021

b. 1971

SHAREHOLDING: 1,221 shares

EDUCATION: Master of Social Sciences

Tommi has extensive experience in the field of media and communications. He transferred to Enersense from Kreab, a communications agency where he served as a content manager responsible for many major accounts in the energy and data communications sectors, for example. Before that, Tommi worked as a journalist and producer for 23 years for the news and current affairs department of MTV and for Kauppalehti and Helsingin Sanomat, among other media outlets. His areas of responsibility include communications, marketing and community relations.

Sami Takila

Senior Vice President, Legal since 1 July 2022

b. 1974


EDUCATION: Master of Laws and MBA

Sami has extensive international experience in various legal positions. He has previously served as Vice President Legal and Sourcing in Basware Corporation and in various legal positions in Nokia Corporation and the law firm Hannes Snellman Oy. Sami has a strong legal background from stock listed companies and he has experience in contracts, compliance affairs as well as in mergers and acquisitions in an international context.


Hanna Reijonen

SVP, HR, since 6 September 2021

b. 1973

SHAREHOLDING: 755 shares

EDUCATION: Master of Economics and Business Administration

Hanna has an extensive experience from several HR management positions in international technology and service business companies. Hanna has previously worked as a Senior Vice President, HR of Posti Group Plc in 2018-2021. Prior to that she held HR management positions at Tieto, Ericsson and Accenture.

Oima Oy, Board member
Attido Oy, Board member
Saarni Cloud Oy, Board member
Veritas, Member of the Supervisory Board


Jaakko Leivo

EVP, Industry, since 14 August 2020

b. 1981


EDUCATION: BSc (electrical engineering)

Jaakko has comprehensive and diverse experience in different stages of steel structure production and surface treatment. Jaakko worked for more than ten years at Technip Offshore Finland, with responsibilities ranging from the production of small and larger systems all the way to production management. At Enersense, Jaakko started as the COO of Enersense Works Oy, after which he was the CEO of Enersense Works Oy and Enersense Painting Oy.