Enersense’s core strategy is to be a creator of zero-emission energy solutions and an enabler of an emission-free society through profitable business operations. Enersense’s strategy supports the ongoing energy revolution in society, where energy production is increasingly shifting towards renewable energy sources and end users are more and more aware of the impacts of energy production on the environment and society at large.

On 20 October 2022 we specified our strategy and focus areas on which the company will focus along with the value chain expansion alongside its current project and service business by 2027.​

Enersense strongly seeks new business from:​

  • offshore wind power, especially in wind power plant foundations​,
  • project development, ownership and own energy production of onshore wind power ​and solar power​ as well as
  • zero-emission transport and electric vehicle charging solutions.

To achieve its strategic targets, the Company focuses on the following main themes:

  1. Developing capabilities to maintain and win low-emission and zero-emission energy projects in the Company’s target countries. Enersense aims to increase its role in established customer relationships involving low-emission and zero-emission energy projects, such as those for nucle­ar power, and in particular to increase customer relationships involving investments in renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind power) and in new energy technologies (such as hydrogen).
  2. Ensuring the best expertise and retaining the best employees in the sector. The Company strives to provide the best resources for its employ­ees to work efficiently and the opportunities to develop and grow as ex­perts. The Company cooperates with universities and schools to support the development of the energy sector and to maintain its position among the top players in the field of science as well.
  3. Improving the efficiency of its operations and being the cost leader in its sector. The cornerstones of Enersense’s project activities are cost-efficient functions and the flexible use of labour, synergies and collaboration between business areas primarily from the perspective of resource scalability and total deliveries, and cost discipline in the pricing of projects. Processes, platforms and allocated resources will increasingly support the sharing of information in the future, which in turn will boost cooperation and cross-sales between the business areas and in different countries.
  4. Continuing profitable organic and inorganic growth. The Company is focusing on executing its growth strategy with an emphasis on profitability. In addition to organic growth, the Company’s strategy includes growth through business acquisi­tions. The main criteria for potential acquisition targets are the acquisition of new technology or special expertise, but also strengthening the strategic focus areas. Enersense will also consider inorganic international growth to reinforce its market position in certain countries of operation or to expand into new geographical areas.