The energy sector is undergoing a transition towards carbon neutrality and moving away from fossil fuels. Enersense is strongly involved in enabling this renewal by leading the way in the transformation of the energy sector.

Sustainable development, electrification and digitalisation are global megatrends that also have a strong impact on our business operations. A significant portion of our business operations contribute to the achievement of social and global goals in sustainable development.

Corporate responsibility is an important part of Enersense’s operations and goals in terms of the company’s values and business opportunities. Enersense’s strategy is guided by the company’s vision and mission, which also guide our sustainability work. Enersense’s sustainability work is founded on sustainable business operations, people’s wellbeing and safety and environmental responsibility.

Taking care of people, profitable business growth and promoting the energy transition are material sustainability themes that guide our Group’s operations.

Sustainability is a key part of Enersense’s strategy and the entire Group Executive Team is responsible for the company’s sustainability work. The Group Executive Team ensures the resources needed for responsibility work and jointly leads and evaluates the progress, development and fulfillment of practical measures.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the framework for our sustainability work. In accordance with the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we are working to create a more sustainable future. In our operations, we are committed to five UN Sustainable Development Goals. Accordingly, we promote the following:

7: Affordable and clean energy
8: Decent work and economic growth
9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11: Sustainable cities and communities
13: Climate action

More information about sustainability at Enersense can be found on our 2022 annual report, which can be downloaded from here.

Environmental sustainability

Enersense takes environmental considerations seriously. We also believe that we can steer human activity in a new, more sustainable direction through taking the right measures.

Enersense is involved in all phases of the energy sector’s life cycle, and we believe that our services are highly relevant to society’s journey towards increasingly sustainable development. Enersense’s goal is to continuously improve the eco-friendliness of our services by actively seeking means to reduce harmful impacts on the environment throughout the life cycle of the services.

In Enersense’s operation, environmental impacts and risks are mainly related to emissions from maintenance and other transport, waste management and the storage of chemical, for example. Our operations comply with the applicable laws, environmental permits and other regulations. In transport, we invest in the planning of logistics and the selection of low-emission vehicles and vehicles that are optimal for their purpose of use. We sort and recycle waste appropriately. We also expect our suppliers to comply with the statutory measures concerning waste management and the handling of chemicals.

Enersense’s environmental management, operations and monitoring are based on an environmental system in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard. In terms of turnover, 98% of Enersense’s operations were covered by the certification in 2022. Our work is guided by our Group’s environmental policy which lays the foundation and sets out the basic principles for environmental considerations in all Enersense’s operations, and promotes environmentally sustainable and responsible operations as part of Enersense’s business operations in Finland and internationally. The policy reflects our desire to reduce harmful environmental impact in cooperation with our employees, customers and suppliers through the appropriate selection and use of materials and more efficient processes, and by minimising waste and emissions in our operations. In accordance with the policy, we are committed to the continuous improvement of the environmental system and our environmental efforts.

Social sustainability

Enersense’s success is based on highly competent, committed and motivated employees. Our goal is to be a workplace community that provides a good, healthy and safe working environment, as well as opportunities for competence development and learning.

Through good management, and the principle of continuous improvement, we are seeking to ensure that we are able to provide our customers with high-quality customer service, and that the success factors related to personnel are realised in the short and long term.

Safety at work is paramount to us, and we are working daily to ensure a safe working environment for our personnel. We are seeking to provide our personnel, contractors and visitors with a safe and healthy working environment and to promote health and safety as part of Enersense’s day-to-day work in all its projects and countries of operation. Our goal is for people to enjoy their work and retire in good health. To achieve this goal, we are focusing our efforts on people, the working environment, the workplace community, processes and management.

Employees’ wellbeing at work, work ability and competence development, as well as equality and diversity, are an integral part of our working culture at Enersense. We are committed to sustainability and to fostering wellbeing and health in all our business operations.

We are working to ensure that taking care of personal work ability and collective wellbeing and safety is a key value guiding our thinking and activities in the Group. We carry out work ability management systematically and actively in the Group between internal operators and bodies and in close cooperation with partners. Wellbeing is related to healthy work and a healthy workplace community and working environment, as well as to a balance between work and leisure and healthy lifestyles. We are paying special attention to overall health security, as well as to the prevention, identification and monitoring of occupational exposure.

Our employees’ competence is developed in line with business needs and each employee’s job requirements. Personnel can also promote competence development through their own activity. Maintaining and developing employees’ professional skills is critical for ensuring Enersense’s operational capacity and quality of its services for customers, as well as employees’ wellbeing and safety. At Group level, we have identified the systematic management of our employees’ competence as a factor critical for future success, and will invest in competence management over the next few years.

Diversity is part of our company’s growth potential and future operating conditions. We are committed to compliance with the highest standard of international agreements and legislation and the highest ethical requirements in all our business operations. Equal treatment of all employees is one of Enersense’s key principles. The Group does not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any circumstances. Equality and non-discrimination are also an important part of our management and ethical principles.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability at Enersense means ensuring profitability and competitiveness in particular. Enersense has a significantly positive impact on the society through employment. Our Group employs around 2,000 people. In addition, the Group employs a significant number of people through purchased subcontracting services.

Strong financial performance also contributes to environmental and social responsibility. Our goal is to continue to be a significant employer and contribute to the energy transition, which requires profitable business growth. The Group’s risk management is also an essential part of economic responsibility.

Enersense is seeking to improve the competitiveness of industry. By renewing operating methods in the industry and creating significant financial and operational added value for customers, Enersense also secures the future of its own business operations. We examine our product and service development, the sustainability of the supply chain and risk identification regularly, including subcontractors.

Enersense is seeking to proactively identify all risks associated with projects, business acquisitions and the entire life cycle of operations, and to avoid and minimise these risks by means of sustainable and accurate operations.

Enersense’s management, operations and monitoring are certified by the ISO 9001 standard in most of its companies.