Press release|20.10.2022

Enersense acquires Unified Chargers, a manufacturer of fast charging stations for electric vehicles – the goal is to become a key enabler of zero-emission transport

Enersense International Plc
Press release, Oct 20, 2022 at 11:45 am

Enersense International Plc, a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, has signed an agreement on the acquisition of Unified Chargers Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of fast and high-power charging stations for electric vehicles. Unified Chargers offers advanced and customisable charging solutions for public locations and for the needs of heavy transport, as well as smart services for charging station operations. The acquisition strengthens Enersense’s position as a provider of charging solutions. The acquisition is expected to be completed in November 2022.

“Alongside passenger cars, heavy transport is going electric at a rapid pace, and we want to do our part in broadly enabling zero-emission mobility and logistics. Various vehicle professionals, that can see and understand how mobility will develop in the future and what this development requires, have already selected Unified Chargers as their partner. We want to provide our partners with most extensive expertise possible in the rapid development of electric transport through the best products and services and develop our operations with more diverse services. We warmly welcome Unified Chargers to join Enersense”, says Juha Silvola, Executive Vice President of the Power segment at Enersense.

Enersense already has a strong history of being an installation and maintenance partner for providers of various charging equipment solutions, and these operations will continue as before. Enersense provides charging solutions for companies and housing companies as a comprehensive service, ranging from initial investigations to the installation, deployment and maintenance of charging systems.

To enhance electric transport, Enersense has also made an investment in Parkkisähkö Oy, a provider of charging systems for housing companies, companies and public locations. Through their strategic partnership, Enersense holds ten per cent of Parkkisähkö.

“We want to be closely involved in enhanding electric transport and become a key player in electric mobility markets. The markets are already growing rapidly, while the sector is still trying to find its way, and we consider it important to be part of several projects and engage in cooperation with various parties operating in the sector. As a result, we can quickly learn and adopt best practices and agilely provide best possible services. The developing markets offer an enormous potential and opportunities for growth, and I believe that together we can meet the expectations we have for electric transport,” says Enersense CEO Jussi Holopainen.

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