Operating and maintenance services for the industry with two decades’ experience

We have been producing operating and maintenance services for the industrial sector for more than 20 years.

By cooperating with our experienced professionals, you will ensure the development of your maintenance and the creation of the prerequisites for successful production. Operating and maintenance services can be implemented as a continuous service or as work charged by the hour.

We provide the best service in the business, digital tools and processes, easy functionality and flexible competence to achieve our joint success.

We will not compromise on occupational safety or environmental protection. In occupational safety, we utilise digital services for improving the active occupational safety. We also help our customers attain their environmental goals.

Functioning processes and modern digital services

We increase the earning potential of our customers by maximising availability and productivity. Good availability is achieved by combining functional processes with the possibilities provided by digitalisation. We provide services that clearly improve the efficiency of our customers’ production plants. Cost-effectiveness is achieved with systematic processes, the efficient use of resources and skilful procurement. Enersense’s competent network of experts and the local, mobile and centralised resourcing of our organisation guarantee optimal cost-effectiveness.

Management of operation & maintenance

In operation & maintenance (O & M) management, we are responsible for the lifecycle management of the customer’s machinery and equipment, including the determination of the criticality of devices, the selection of a maintenance strategy, equipment maintenance programmes, the daily implementation of maintenance measures, and plans and investment proposals for pieces of equipment at the end of their lifespans.

The development of operations is an important element of the service. Depending on the initial state of the customer, we will develop maintenance processes, maintenance programmes, reporting, occupational safety practices, the availability of machines, downtime management, maintenance by operators, the analysis and utilisation of data, or the optimisation of spare part requirements, for example. The development will be implemented as project-type improvements of standards regarding the selected subjects and as continuous improvement as part of daily activities. The development plan is an essential part of the service agreement, and the attainment of goals is monitored, measured and directed in a joint steering group.

We provide the following for O & M management and development:

  • Management and development of occupational safety
  • Strategy and indicators of maintenance
  • Resourcing and plans for maintenance
  • Maintenance processes and their digitalisation
  • Control of maintenance by operators
  • Development plans, maintenance audits and criticality classifications
  • Development of reporting

Operating services

Operating services include the monitoring and operation of the customer’s plant. Our range of services includes local operating services, remote operating services, maintenance by operators and its development, and reporting. For production analysis and development, we provide our digital solutions that utilise data analysis.

Monitoring and operation can be appropriately implemented with a remote-control room, a local operating organisation or a combination of both. Concentrating the monitoring of plants in a control room operating 24/7 and managing the local operation and maintenance with a common organisation operating in the same geographical area is a very operationally efficient and cost-effective way to monitor and operate, especially small-scale plants.

Maintenance services at the customer’s plant

Enersense has long experience of electrical and mechanical work. Our resourcing model allows the right competence to meet the customer’s needs to be found. Furthermore, we have long experience of the management of employee details and access passes. Security is an essential part of our operating model, and we can provide digital monitoring of the progress of work. Our competence is concentrated in the following areas:

Mechanical work

  • Machine and equipment installation
  • Welding and sheet metal work
  • Manufacture and installation of pipelines
  • Valve maintenance
  • Pump installations
  • Reactor work
  • On-site maintenance and repair work on different machines and equipment

Electrical work

  • Cleaning of transformers/transformer facilities
  • Maintenance of DC motor carbon brushes
  • Cleaning of substations/busbar sets
  • Replacement of blowers of frequency converters
  • Inspections/calibrations of transducers in the customer’s equipment.
  • Inspections/repairs of current converters
  • Repair of flow meter amplifiers
  • Maintenance/cleaning of slip rings

Leak repairs under pressure

  • Repairs of leaks in production plants under pressure without interrupting the process, ensuring the achievement of cost savings
  • Leak repairs under pressure minimise the need to run down the production process in pulp mills and power plants, for example.
  • Costs are saved, and the continuity of the process is ensured
  • Leaks repaired in a controlled manner help maintain a safe working environment

Our experienced professionals and material suppliers can together carry out even demanding leak repairs under pressure. Repairs requiring the production process to be shut down can be carried out later in a controlled manner during a maintenance outage.

Purchasing and storage services

Our purchasing and storage services are a holistic solution for the customer’s procurement needs. The service package cost-effectively provides the customer with reliable deliveries, storage and the availability of spare parts. We determine the requirements, manage the items and supply agreements, carry out the purchasing and storage, and optimise the value.

Spare equipment service

The goal of the service is to optimise the value of spare part stocks by especially taking into account the critical importance of spare parts for production and utilising the synergies of a multi-customer environment when optimising spare part stocks. To attain this goal, we provide optimisation of the quantity of spare parts on the basis of their criticality by a process we have developed for determining the optimal stock quantity based on data analysis.

Optimisation of tied capital

  • Ensuring the availability of spare parts critically important to production in a cost-effective manner
  • Cross-usage of storage administered by Enersense
  • Optimisation of the cost of consumable material
  • Bonded warehouse stocks and spare parts pools
  • Procurement agreements

Material procurement and stockpile management

  • Management of the procurement of consumable materials and spare parts
  • Requirement planning and administration of the set of items
  • Assisting the buyer in investment-related procurement
  • Storage management action, reception, withdrawal from storage, stocktaking


  • Enersense’s centralised resource management
  • Management of service outsourcing and delivery monitoring
  • Procurement agreements

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