At Enersense we design and manufacture advanced and reliable DC fast chargers for electric vehicles.

Enersense Charging (previously Unified Chargers), now part of Enersense Group, is a Finnish hi-tech company with its roots at Aalto Technical University. We are a manufacturer of advanced and reliable DC-fast charging stations. Our vision is to offer the best and latest technology and services for professional and public charging.

Our offering includes a 24/7 portal for managing and operating the charging stations, several different user interface options and solutions for paying for charging. In addition we can equip the charging stations with bank card readers with contactless payment option.

For CPO’s with their own user interfaces, our API and OCPP 2.0.1 interfaces enable flexible integration with existing back-end systems.

International markets are served via selected and trusted resale partners. Our partners typically have capability to deliver turnkey solutions, including site assessments, planning, offering, contracting, installation and commissioning of the charging infrastructure. Ideally partners can also offer maintenance and helpdesk services locally.

If you are interested in becoming Enersense’s resale partner, please contact us!

Next Generation DC-fast charging station

ECDC80-160kW is a stylish and modular DC-fast charging station that is suitable both for professional and public charging. One ECDC-station charges two electric vehicles simultaneously (2 x CCS1/2). Adaptive voltage range of 200- 920V enables also heavy equipment charging.

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Enersense offers turnkey solutions for the domestic market in Finland, including site assessments, planning, contracting, installation and commissioning of the charging infrastructure. In addition we offer maintenance, remote support and helpdesk services for the local market.

Up until now, Enersense and Unified Chargers have delivered and implemented totally about 150 DC fast charging sites in Finland. Technology has been proved and we are ready for the international market!

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Head of EV Charging Solutions
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Sales Director
EV charging solutions 
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Sales Manager
EV charging solutions