High-quality maintenance outages on schedule

Enersense’s model of operations is based on our extensive experience of carrying out maintenance outages in different industrial sectors. Our maintenance outage service makes the process cost-effective, uncomplicated and easily manageable.

Clear control of occupational safety, unambiguity of operational control and responsibilities, efficient utilisation and control of the maintenance organisation’s resources, and clear and immediate feedback guarantee a successful annual maintenance outage with zero accidents. We will provide real-time reports of the progress and costs of work, improving the efficiency of projects.

Outages can be implemented as holistic project deliveries, including the project personnel and supervisory personnel, planning, resourcing, implementation and reporting, or only some of these elements. In addition to maintenance outages, we provide other projects such as installation of new production equipment and individual projects during outages.

Options for annual maintenance outages:

  • Projectisation of the annual maintenance and real-time project management
  • Planning and scheduling of the annual maintenance work, as well as the division of work into segments
  • Ensuring the availability of spare parts and the creation of work packages
  • Ensuring the availability of a sufficient number of skilled personnel
  • Ensuring occupational safety

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