Maintenance and operation

Reliable maintenance of substations, power lines and wind parks

The core mission of our business is to help our customers ensure and improve the operational reliability and cost-effectiveness of their production assets.

Substation maintenance services

Substations are the nodes of electricity supply. Regular maintenance of substations is of primary importance for maintaining the network’s high degree of operating reliability. When required, we will help our customers produce the maintenance plans and carry out the preventive maintenance work and measurements in the agreed manner. A standby service and fault repair service can also be added to our maintenance service. Fault situations require rapid responses and solid professional skills to quickly resolve problems. Our services cover the whole of Finland.

Enersense Keski- ja pienjänniteverkot

Power line maintenance services

Enersense’s power line reconditioning operations cover the whole of Finland. The high degree of operational reliability of power lines is based on inspection walks as part of preventive maintenance, and increasingly also inspections from the air (using drones). Our customer is provided with an inspection report and recommendations for the required corrective actions on the basis of the field inspection. When required, we also carry our more extensive condition surveys on the power lines and give recommendations for continuing their lifespan.

Maintenance and operation of the electrical and data networks of wind farms

Enersense provides its wind power customers with comprehensive services for the maintenance of the electrical and data network of the wind farm. In keeping with the maintenance plan, we will for our part ensure the high availability of the wind farm. Our fault service helps the park to recover quickly, if an unexpected situation in the network causes disruptions in production of a hazardous situation.

Read more about our services on the Wind Power page.

Operation manager services

The regulations require that the owner of electrical equipment must appoint a natural person for the position in a situation where the size and/or voltage of the equipment fulfils certain criteria.

The main duties of the operation manager include the following:

  1. To see to it, on behalf of the party in possession of the equipment, that the legislation is observed in the use and maintenance of electrical equipment.
  2. To see to it that the equipment is in the condition required by law at all times during its operation.
  3. To ensure that the persons performing operation duties are skilled and have received sufficient instructions for carrying out their duties.

The operation manager service can be flexibly added as part of our maintenance agreement.

24/7 control room and monitoring of operation

A 24/7 control room and operation monitoring service can be connected to our services, for example for the production facility, substation or supply system. For these services, one key customer base is wind power producers, where park substations require expert monitoring services.

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