CEO’s Review

Result improved significantly – successful corporate transactions in green energy

“In terms of performance, the first quarter of 2022 was the best first quarter in the history of Enersense. We achieved EUR 53.8 million (53.3) in revenue (+ 0,9%) and EUR 5.5 million (2.6) in adjusted EBITDA (+ 113,6%). Our operating profit improved significantly year-on-year and was EUR 3.2 (-0.6) million. Our profit margin increased to 6.0% (-1.2%).”

“The year 2022 has started in an environment that is exceptional in many ways. The coronavirus pandemic continues, and the Russian attack on Ukraine has shocked everyone. It has been particularly important to Enersense to support our Ukrainian colleagues and their families in the midst of the crisis.

The war has caused inflation to increase, very steeply in some countries, and there are challenges in the supply chains for materials. So far, however, we have been able to navigate this environment reasonably. We are continuously monitoring the situation and are seeking solutions to continue to manage the challenging global market situation.

As a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, Enersense has long played a key role in enabling the green transition. The Russian attack on Ukraine has accelerated the process to end dependence on Russian oil, gas and coal production. Energy self-sufficiency and the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources are progressing rapidly and will continue to do so in the near future. Enersense plays an important role in these projects. We are extensively involved in projects related to energy production, transmission, efficiency and storage, from design to construction and from maintenance to servicing. Good examples of these in the first quarter include the Fingrid power line contract that we won in Kuopio and S Group’s wind farm maintenance contract, which increases our share of wind power maintenance to more than 50% of all electricity networks in wind farms in Finland.

The corporate arrangements we completed early in the year were timely and successful, in addition to being significant additions to our capacity to respond to the acceleration of the green transition and energy self-sufficiency. We took a major step to reinforce our role in the value chain for wind power production by acquiring Megatuuli Oy, an onshore wind power development company, on 1 February 2022. Megatuuli supplements and supports Enersense’s strong service portfolio and enables us to develop, build and maintain wind farms. We also aim to serve as wind farm owners and produce zero-emission energy in the future. Megatuuli’s goal is to develop and build 1,000 MW of wind power by 2025, in cooperation with its partners. Megatuuli and its partners have wind power plant projects in progress or in the feasibility study phase, with a total capacity of around 3,000 MW.

Our investment in P2X Solutions Oy, a green hydrogen production company, is significant and strongly supports Enersense’s strategy. The investment was completed on 14 February 2022. Wind power and the production of green hydrogen are strongly interlinked, and we have strong expertise throughout the value chain. In addition to a holding of around 16%, the investment provides us with a primary partnership option in the construction of Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta, as well as in maintenance and operation tasks after the completion of the plant. Hydrogen is a great opportunity for us and for Finland as a whole, and it’s a privilege to be involved in creating a hydrogen market in Finland.

In early 2022, Enersense’s highly competent team of around 2,000 professionals was further enhanced through corporate arrangements and recruitment. I welcome all our new colleagues to Enersense, on our journey towards the green transition and energy self-sufficiency. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank every member of the Enersense community for their strong input in these challenging global circumstances. As always, we can overcome these challenges through cooperation.”

Jussi Holopainen