Wind Farm Development

Enersense is your partner throughout the life cycle of a wind farm

Enersense Wind Oy (former Megatuuli Oy), part of the Enersense Group, is a Finnish wind farm developer. The company is one of the most experienced and successful developers and has already had presence in the market for more than 12 years. Enersense Wind has enabled more than 500 MW of wind farm investments that produce more than 2% of electricity production in Finland. The company has nine ongoing projects in land use planning and EIA phases and several early phase projects around Finland.

Enersense is targeting to benefit from the whole value chain of wind farm development process. This means from preliminary geographical location selection of a single wind farm until a ready, operational wind farm with its electricity production. Enersense has an intensive experience of the whole value chain already. Enersense’s wind power services cover the entire lifespan of an onshore wind farm from development to construction, operation and maintenance. The company is one of the most experienced players in the market and has a target to increase the ownership of operational assets in wind power during the next years.

Wind farm projects

Wind farm projects developed by Enersense Wind Oy have already been constructed, are under construction and in the land use planning and EIA phases.

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We cooperate with landowners throughout the life cycle of a wind power project. For landowners, wind power brings income through land lease fees as well as better, repaired roads, among other things.

Tyrinselkä windpower park


Wind power generates work and tax revenue for municipalities. Municipalities play a key role in enabling domestic renewable energy production through their land use planning rights.

About wind power

Wind power has become the fastest growing form of power generation in the world. Wind power generation is completely emission-free and renewable energy.

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Marko Sihvonen
Project Manager
Wind Power Development