Substation, power line and wind power construction services from a single supplier

With our experience of many years, we implement full-service turnkey projects for our customers with high quality, cost-effectiveness and to the agreed schedule. We carry our preliminary surveys and feasibility studies of electrical grids, plan the implementation, and maintain electrical grids and substations with our professional skills. We are also strongly involved in the project development and construction phases of wind farms.

Our project management model allows the flexible use of resources when implementing the projects. The basic premise of our safety culture is that everyone goes home healthy after the day’s work.

Enersense Keski- ja pienjänniteverkot

Power line construction services

Enersense group has tens of years’ experience in the construction of power lines. We operate as a responsible partner in our customers’ projects, from small reconditioning projects to extensive and demanding projects. Our comprehensive experience in the construction of power lines and our functional international partner network enables high-quality construction work and optimal material procurement.

Substation construction services

Our solid 110 – 400 kV systems design and expert competence, together with experienced project staff, provide an excellent foundation for our substation construction services and support the delivery of a solution that suits the customer needs. Our delivery covers turnkey project delivery at the substation, ranging from design to commissioning.

In addition to new projects, we have strong evidence of extensive and demanding substation modernization projects, which incorporate new technology and systems into an existing working entity.

Our customers include network companies, a parent network company, and wind farm owners and industry.

Wind farm construction services

We are one of the leading builders of wind farms in Finland. We are responsible for the holistic construction of the wind farm infrastructure, covering the roads and hoisting areas within the wind farm, the internal power and data transmission network and construction of the substation required for the wind farm, for example

For more information on our wind farm construction services, visit our Wind power site.

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Wind and solar power
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