Contract Staffing

We provide temporary staffing solutions for our partners with needs for short-term and for fixed time periodical assignments, as long as needed.

Whether you are in need of flexible workforce or facing challenging projects with unexpected or periodical demands, or need to cover an unexpected replacement, we have the expertise to proceed with smooth and fast project staffing, end-to end recruitment procedures in challenging projects.

Providing contract staffing services for your company means that Enersense will take care of all the recruitment and employment related practicalities and administration: full cycle of recruitment and hiring, contracting, insurances, taxes, and legal employment related duties. These services reduce the commitment level of your company when you need project employees, or when you have operations abroad and you must outsource the local employer responsibilities with all the related administration to ensure compliance within the processes.

We have access to the best talents for our client`s temporary staffing needs. Our recruiters find and review all the possible skilled personnel across from the local and international marketplaces for your projects.

Our recruitment team is specialised to fulfill roles in fast-paced environments and within challenging time frames. We support our clients in these cases by delivering qualified temporary candidates.

Strategical benefits:

  • Saving time and money and reducing employment related HR administration tasks
  • Risk mitigation
  • Resource optimisation: time to hire is reduced. We provide workforce wherever and whenever required by taking care of the full cycle of recruitment and hiring process. Your organisation can focus on their work tasks and initiatives
  • Compliance checking: our regional compliance team and local partners ensure compliance for our clients’ projects worldwide
  • Logistical and mobilisation, allocation support services by our experienced logistical department, including also: relocation, visas, insurance
  • Local HR and Payroll Partner services provided by our expert team and partners internationally
  • On site and remote recruitment support and HR consultancy services available