ECDC 160 kW charging stations

ECDC 160 kW is a stylish and modular DC high power charging station that is suitable both for professional and public charging. One ECDC station charges two electric vehicles simultaneously (2 x CCS2). Adaptive voltage range of 200–920 V enables also heavy equipment charging.

Basic version with 160 kW power. Modular power distribution in 40 kW steps. Can also be supplied with 80 kW power output. It is possible to pair multiple charging stations into an intelligent charging site with HPC capabilities. The total available output power is dynamically distributed among EV’s being charged, optimising the charging time. Additional Booster power unit can be used for increasing the total power of the charging site (max. 640 kW per Booster). It is a modular and scalable DC high power charging solution.

ECDC charging stations are delivered ready-for-use. Easy installation and commissioning minimise set-up costs. Charging stations can be branded to wished visual outlook.

Key features

• Adaptive voltage range 200–920 V
• Dynamic load balancing and power distribution
• Touch screen
• LED lighting
• Cable management
• MID-certified DC meters (option)
• Bankcard/RFID/NFC reader (option)
• Concrete foundations (option)

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  • Service stations, highway rest stops, travel plazas, and high turnover parking areas
  • Retail & grocery outlets, and shopping malls
  • Sport, culture, and recreational sites
  • Business and industrial parks
  • Offices, hospitals, and various communal sites
  • Logistics terminals and fleet charging depots

24/7 portal and remote support services

Charging station management tool

  • Usage data
  • User identification
  • Activation/deactivation/rebooting
  • Setting opening hours and prices
  • Other functionalities
  • Technical help-desk
  • Software updates

Different ”dashboard” views and functionalities for different user groups


Flexible integration to the selected back-end via API/OCPP (1.6/2.0)

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