Charging systems for electrically powered transport

Enersense’s services for electric transport expanded due to the acquisition of Unified Chargers Oy on 15 November 2022. Unified Chargers offers advanced and customisable charging solutions for public locations and for the needs of heavy transport, as well as smart services for charging station operations. More information about Unified Chargers’ services is available at

Our service offering

We provide housing companies and companies with charging solutions for electric cars as a comprehensive service from the building survey to installation of the charging station. Our cooperation with the customer often continues as a maintenance service after the installation.

We always carry out a site survey to ensure that the building is suitable for charging device installations and allow us to design the electrotechnical prerequisites that provide a realistic picture of the costs incurred by the end customer.
Our competence in installing and commissioning charging stations is not device-dependent and covers the products of several manufacturers.

We serve our customers in many localities, offering our expertise for managing fault situations and carrying out maintenance work throughout Finland.

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Pekka Pitkämö
Vice President
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Sales Director
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