Insider information: Enersense appoints Kari Sundbäck as its President and CEO – the Chair of the Board of Directors changes

Enersense International Plc | Inside Information | July 11, 2024 at 10:00:00 EEST

The Board of Directors of Enersense has appointed Kari Sundbäck as the President and CEO of the company as of 25 November 2024. Juha Silvola will continue as the acting CEO of Enersense until 24 November 2024 after which he will return to EVP, Power and Connectivity business areas.

In its meeting today, the Board of Directors has also elected the current member of the Board, Anders Dahlblom, as the new Chair of the Board of Directors. Dahlblom will succeed Jaakko Eskola who has chosen to step down from his position. Eskola has served as the Chair of Enersense’s Board of Directors since 2021. Enersense’s Board will comprise seven (7) members until the next Annual General Meeting.

Enersense’s new President and CEO, Kari Sundbäck, has earlier worked, among other things, as the Head of Services, Solutions, Digital and Sustainability at Caverion and held international management positions at Nokia and KONE.

”Enersense’s growth has been strong in the past years. We revised our strategy in June and launched a recruiting process to find a CEO who would determinedly implement our strategy that supports the green energy transition as well as improve the company’s profitability and shareholder value. At the end of the process, we concluded that Kari is the best person to lead Enersense and to strengthen the company’s position in its core businesses. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jaakko Eskola for his substantial role in choosing the President and CEO as well as Enersense’s acting CEO Juha Silvola for his contribution”, says Anders Dahlblom, Chair of Enersense’s Board of Directors.

“Enersense is a very important company in the green energy transition. I’m excited and humbled to have the opportunity to join Enersense to make the newly laid out strategy a reality. I look forward to developing together with all our people our relevance and value to customers in the energy, telecommunications and industrial sectors”, says Kari Sundbäck, Enersense’s new President and CEO.

“On behalf of Enersense’s Nomination Board I want to thank Jaakko Eskola, who is now stepping down, for his term as the Chair of Enersense’s Board and welcome Anders Dahlblom as the new Chair of the Board of Directors. Virala is the largest shareholder in Enersense and it is natural that in this kind of a turning point a representative of the largest shareholder takes the position as the Chair of the Board. I am convinced that the renewed top management together with the renewed strategy give the company a good starting point to create substantial shareholder value”, says Alexander Ehrnrooth, Chair of Enersense’s Nomination Board.


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