Enersense’s investment in P2X is making progress – the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment granted support for building Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta

Enersense International Plc  
Stock exchange release 20 December 2021 at 14:00 p.m.

On 8 December 2021, Enersense International Plc (“Enersense”), a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, announced that it had signed an agreement on an equity investment of EUR 13–18 million in P2X Solutions Oy (“P2X”), a green hydrogen production company, and entered in a partnership agreement, according to which Enersense has, if certain conditions related to pricing and the quality level are met, the position of a primary partner in the construction of P2X’s green hydrogen production plant, the first of its kind in Finland, to be built in Harjavalta, and in maintenance and operating activities after the completion of the facility.  The implementation of the investment and cooperation project was conditional on significant support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment to P2X for the construction of the Harjavalta plant, as well as on certain other standard preconditions.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has decided on granting investment support of roughly EUR 26 million for new energy technology and large demonstration projects for P2X to build Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant and a methanation unit in Harjavalta. P2X’s goal is to start the construction of the green hydrogen production plant planned in the Harjavalta Industrial Park in the autumn of 2022 and to commission the plant during the first half of 2024. The production plant’s capacity will be 20 MW. P2X aims to build other green hydrogen production plants following the same concept.

“This subsidy decision is more than welcome, and it enables Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant project to be pushed forward. We are excited about this partnership with P2X and our concrete plans to promote the hydrogen economy,” says Jussi Holopainen, CEO of Enersense.

Other standard preconditions of the investment and partnership arrangement are expected to be met, and the arrangement is expected to be implemented by the end of January 2022. Key terms and conditions of the arrangement are presented in the stock exchange release published by Enersense on 8 December 2021.