Enersense wins S Group’s wind farms’ maintenance agreement – Enersense maintains already half of Finland’s wind power capacity

Enersense International Plc
Press release, 17 March 2022 at 10:45 a.m.

Enersense International Plc, a creator of zero-emission energy solutions, has entered into an agreement with Gigawatti Oy, a company responsible for wind power production for S Group, regarding maintenance and fault repair services for wind farms.

The agreement concerns maintenance and fault repair services for the years 2022-2027 for wind farms in Hoikkasuo, Jäneskeidas, Sarvisuo and Sarvankangas. The agreement includes farms’ power lines, substations as well as electrical and telecommunications networks.

Gigawatti Oy’s Sarvisuo wind farm is the most high-powered wind farm in production in Finland. Sarvisuo park has 27 5.6 MW windmills with their combined power exceeding 150 MW. Per year it generates 0.5 TWh, accounting for about half of the electricity needs of the entire S Group. S Group is the third largest wind power producer in Finland and currently Gigawatti Oy has a total of 271 MW of wind power. The S Group uses all the electricity it generates in its own 1800 locations.

In total, Finland’s cumulative wind power capacity at the beginning of 2022 was 3,257 MW.

“Enersense maintains over 1,600 MW, or half of Finland’s wind power. The wind farms under our maintenance are made up of 15 different customers, the largest in Finland in their industry. Enersense is responsible for reliable telecommunications connections, monitoring, operation manager, fault repair and maintenance services at several sites,” says Topias Koskela, Sales Director, Transmission Networks at Enersense.

Enersense provides maintenance services for both onshore and offshore wind power parks. Enersense’s units in Oulu, Harjavalta, Hämeenlinna and Seinäjoki are specialised in the maintenance of wind power.