Stock Exchange Release|3.5.2022

Enersense updates its long-term financial targets

Enersense International Plc  
Stock exchange release, 3 May 2022 at 9:30 a.m.

The Board of Directors of Enersense International Plc, a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, has decided to update the company’s long-term financial targets. The new financial targets are more in line with the company’s business model following the implementation of its corporate transactions and reflect more accurately Enersense’s vision for the company’s long-term growth strategy.   

On 4 October 2021, Enersense acquired Enersense Offshore that focuses on offshore wind power products, and on 1 February 2022, Megatuuli, an onshore wind power development company. Furthermore, on 14 February 2022, Enersense made an investment in P2X Solutions, Finland’s first green hydrogen production company. Following the corporate transactions, Enersense expands its role in the value chain. In addition of being a provider of project design, project implementation, maintenance and management services, Enersense will become a key producer, owner and project developer of zero-emission energy. As a result, the company’s profitability will improve, the nature of its business will become steadier, and project risks will decrease. 

The updated long-term financial targets are: 

  • revenue of EUR 500 million and profitability of EUR 100 million (EBITDA) in 2027 
  • proportion of low-emission and zero-emission projects of the company’s revenue 75–80% in 2027

The long-term revenue targets are based on the existing project development portfolio of the current construction business and onshore wind power, as well as on the growth of offshore wind power (a total of EUR 400 million). In addition, Enersense will make significant investments in the production of renewable energy (EUR 100 million), which will require considerable capital investments from the company. During the next few years, Enersense will actively seek various kinds of equity-based financing arrangements to enable energy production. Capital investments are expected to total around EUR 300 million. 

“Following the previously announced corporate transactions, we are updating our financial targets to better reflect the future Enersense. The financial targets reflect the nature of the company’s long-term business, which will change from the current project and construction business to also include energy production,” says Jussi Holopainen, CEO of Enersense. 

Enersense’s previous financial targets were to achieve a revenue of EUR 300 million organically and a 10% profitability (EBITDA) by 2025. The company also sought to increase the proportion of low-emission and zero-emission energy projects from 50% to 75% of its revenue by 2025. 

Capital Markets Day on 3 May

You are welcome to hear more about the subject at the Capital Markets Day for shareholders, investors, analysts and bank and media representatives held on 3 May 2022 from 1 to 4 pm. The event can be followed live via webcast:  

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