Stock Exchange Release|4.10.2021

Enersense updates its disclosure policy

Enersense International Plc
Stock Exchange Release, 4 October 2021 at 6:00p.m.

The Board of Directors of Enersense International Plc has on 4 October 2021 approved an updated disclosure policy which sets out the principles and procedures applied by Enersense International Plc in relation to the communication with capital market representatives and the media.

The key change in the disclosure policy concerns the disclosure of customer orders and contracts through a stock exchange release. Previously the company has not specified in the disclosure policy a threshold for customer orders and contracts, which, when exceeded, is deemed to constitute disclosure obligation for the company in relation to such customer order or contract. From now on, the company publishes new customer orders and contracts as insider information through a stock exchange release when the expected value of the customer order or contract exceeds ten per cent (10%) of Enersense group’s preceding financial year’s turnover or when the company deems the customer order or contract to be otherwise material or strategically significant. The evaluation of the materiality of the customer orders and contracts may be proportioned to the pro forma revenue published for the preceding financial year and prepared due to, for example, corporate transaction (such as the acquisition of the Empower group in 2020), if appropriate at the time of evaluation and taking into account the size of the business operations.

The change in the disclosure policy will enter into force immediately. The updated disclosure policy is attached to this stock exchange release and available on the company’s website.

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