Press release|28.10.2021

Enersense has won Fingrid’s tendering regarding the renewal of Luukkala substation

Enersense International Plc
Press release 28 October 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

A subsidiary of Enersense International Plc, a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, Empower PN Oy, which operates in the business area of Power, has won a contract in Fingrid’s public procurement tendering regarding the renewal of Luukkala substation. The value of the contract agreement is approximately 6 million euros, and the project is scheduled to be handed over to the customer at the end of 2023.

Luukkala substation is located in South Karelia, where it strengthens the connections of the national grid and the transmission of electricity in the Lappeenranta region among others. In the project, the outdoor switchgear at the 110 kV substation in Luukkala will be converted into an indoor switchgear, utilising the SF6-free gas-insulated GIS equipment.

”We want to act as a pioneer in utilising environmentally friendly technology. New innovations allow us to phase out the use of SF6 insulation gas, which is harmful for the climate, in conjunction with substation renewals. We are already utilising SF6-free technology in many of our projects and our ambitious goal is for all the new 110 kV GIS instruments to represent new, environmentally friendly insulation technology from 2025 onwards,” notes Timo Kiiveri, Head of Asset Management at Fingrid.

The project is important for Enersense because it utilises the SF6-free gas-insulated GIS switchgear. “Enersense's strategy is to play a major role in implementing zero-emission projects on the way towards a carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly society. It is great to be able to implement this project, which at the same time enables us to learn and apply new substation technology in practice. The project represents to us an opening move for substations with GIS technology and enables providing similar environmentally friendly solutions for the rest of the customer base,” says Antti Keskinen, Vice President of Power's substation business.

The decision shall be legal after the end of the appeal period under the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts.

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