Stock Exchange Release|30.6.2021

Enersense has completed the sale of the entire share capital of Värväämö Oy to Citywork – Mika Linnamäki will leave the Management Team

EnersenseInternational Plc
Stock Exchange Release 30 June 2021at 9.55a.m.

Enersense International Plc, a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, has today completed the sale of the entire share capital of its subsidiary Värväämö Oy, which offers personnel services for the construction industry, to Citywork Oy.The sale was announced on 6 May 2021. As a result of the transaction, the Staff Leasing business area, part of Enersense’s Smart Industry segment, will be closed down and Mika Linnamäki, who led the business, will leave Enersense's Management Team and the company.

“I warmly thank Mika and all the employees of Värväämö for their significant contribution to the company and wish them luck and success in new challenges,” says Enersense’s CEO Jussi Holopainen.

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