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Enersense selected as the main contractor for Fingrid’s Nuojuankangas–Pyhänselkä substation project

Enersense International Plc
Investor news, 6 June 2023 at 10:30 a.m.

Enersense, a creator of zero emission energy solutions, has won the bidding process for Fingrid’s substation contract to build a new transformer substation and expand the 110 kV switchgear in Nuojuankangas. The project also includes the expansion of the substation in Pyhänselkä. The project will employ Enersense until spring 2026. The value of the contract is more than EUR 20 million, and it will be included in Enersense’s Power segment’s second quarter 2023 order book.

The project is part of Fingrid’s larger project to build a new power transmission line from Pyhänselkä to Huutokoski (expansion of the Järvilinja transmission line). The expanded Järvilinja transmission line ensures and maintains the high reliability of the main grid as the need for electricity transmission increases.

“Strengthening Järvilinja is needed in order to transmit renewable energy from northern Finland as well as electricity through Aurora Line from Sweden to southern Finland. In addition, the new capacity enables connecting wind power and industrial sites in eastern Finland and Kainuu region. Substation projects in Pyhänselkä, Muhos and Nuojuankangas, Vaala are the first major steps in strengthening Järvilinja. It is great to execute these projects together with Enersense. The project is important to both Finland’s main grid and the whole society as it enhances achieving Finland’s climate goals and national competitiveness,” says Daniel Kuosa, Construction Manager, Fingrid.

This project is very significant for Enersense.

“New transmission lines are required as the energy transition proceeds, and it is wonderful that we can carry out this significant customer project in substation construction. This contract strengthens our portfolio in carrying out demanding projects in Finland’s main grid and marks one of the largest projects in the history of Enersense’s transmission network operations,” says Joni Parkkinen, Vice President of Enersense Transmission Networks.

The procurement agreement can be signed once the appeal period in accordance with the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts has ended.

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Joni Parkkinen, Vice President, Transmission Networks, Power
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