Financial guidance

In the guidance provided in its business review of 4 May 2021, which was based on the Finnish Accounting Standards, Enersense expected its revenue to be EUR 215–245 million and its EBITDA, excluding the costs arising from the integration of Enersense and Empower, to be EUR 12–15 million in 2021. The IFRS transition will result in changes arising from accounting and reporting principles in the company’s guidance for 2021. With the transition to the IFRS, the company will provide guidance for three key performance indicators: revenue, adjusted EBITDA and adjusted EBIT.

The company’s new guidance for 2021:

  • Revenue: EUR 215–245 million
  • Adjusted EBITDA: EUR 17–20 million
  • Adjusted EBIT: EUR 8–11 million

The calculation principle for adjusted EBITDA and adjusted EBIT is described under “Key performance indicators, calculation formulas and reconciliation calculations” in the IFRS transition report.

Read the report here.