Enersense strives to be a responsible, profitable and competitive partner, employer and member of society. Enersense aims to comply with valid laws and regulations in all of its operations, and to act in a financially, socially and ecologically sustainable way. Enersense’s goal is to continuously motivate and develop its personnel, improve resource efficiency and minimise the adverse environmental impacts of its operations. Enersense’s goal is to grow systematically over the long term.

Financial responsibility

Enersense strives to ensure its profitability and compet­itiveness. Enersense’s mission is to develop the competi­tiveness of industry. By renewing the ways of working in the sector and generating significant financial and operational added value for its customers, Enersense also aims to ensure the future of its own business. Product and service development and sustainability and risk assessments in the supply chain, including those of its subcontractors, are regularly reviewed.

Enersense aims to proactively identify all risks related to a project, business acquisition or the lifespan of its operations and to prevent or mitigate these risk[s] through sustainable and diligent operations. The management and control system of Enersense’s organisation is determined by the roles of the Board of Directors and the other execu­tive management and their way of leading and supervising the organisation. The Company’s corporate governance covers its relations with its shareholders and other stake­holders.

Enersense’s management, operations and control are certified under the ISO 9001 standard.

Social responsibility

Ever since it started its operations, Enersense had promot­ed cooperation between employees and employers for im­proving job wellbeing and productivity. The Company aims to respect human rights, treat people equally as individuals and promote equality in all business activities, including in the treatment of customers and stakeholders. Moreover, Enersense aims to ensure safe working conditions at every level of the organisation in various projects. According to the view of Enersense’s management, utilising the diverse backgrounds, competences and qualities of its employ­ees makes Enersense a more innovative, productive and responsible work community.

Enersense’s functions that manage employee health and workplace safety are certified under the ISO 45001 standard.

Environmental sustainability

Enersense’s most significant environmental impacts come from the solutions it provides to its customers. Enersense’s goal is to promote the creation of a zero-emission society by building the energy and telecommunications infrastruc­ture of the future, modernising the industrial sector and exporting know-how to the global markets. Enersense can have a positive influence on the energy transition through projects related to renewable energy and the construction of power grids. In addition, through its activities, Enersense can aim to minimise its customers’ emissions, for example, by using solutions based on digitalisation. Enersense also helps its customers in the efficient utilisation of nuclear power and industrial assets. Enersense plays a particularly key role in the Baltic countries in their transition towards a low-emission or zero-emission society.

Enersense aims to comply with legislation governing en­vironmental impacts, and it identifies needs for change and develops its operations continually. It strives to improve its contribution to environmental sustainability holistically throughout its processes. Enersense’s environmental management, operations and control are certified under the ISO 14001 standard.