Compliance services

  • Does your subcontracting chain fulfil the statutory requirements?
  • Do you know who is working on your construction site or project – and are they qualified for the job?
  • Does the subcontractor receive any or enough support in managing the information and understanding the requirements?
  • How much time does your staff use to gather, update, and manage the information needed to fulfil the requirements from different authorities?
  • Do you have a clear understanding on the subcontracting chain?

We relieve our customers and their partners time by managing the subcontracting chain and statutory requirements.

We offer a compliant and controlled value chain as a service based on our Enersense E-Sense platform solution.

Enersense E-Sense Platform solution:Services:
  • Projects, construction sites, companies, people
  • Access control solutions
  • Access permits
  • Contractor portal
  • Purchasers’ tools for supplier qualification
  • Access permit management
  • Access permit office platform
  • Induction bookings and competence management
  • Asset management
  • Crisis management linked to access control
  • Safety observations
  • Interface and integrations
  • Comprehensive guidance on Contractors Liability Act to the whole subcontracting chain
  • Proactively monitoring and evaluating the fulfilment of compliance obligations and granting access to the project accordingly
    • Inspection and approval of documents
    • The whole supply chain
    • All workers, also foreign
  • Access permit management, including production and distribution
  • Information reporting to the tax administration
  • Local representative service for posted workers

Benefits of our service

  • Clear and reliable process to meet the compliance requirements
  • Minimize the time spent to bureaucratic processes
  • Support and guidance to the whole value chain
  • All information in one place
  • Expertise and experience in similar projects

Digital solutions

  1. Subcontracting chain management
    • Construction sites, companies, people
    • Access permit management
    • Induction and competency management
    • Asset management related to workers
    • Crisis management linked to access control
  2. Posted workers’ representative service
  3. Contractor’s liability act management
  4. Access permits
  5. Information reporting requirement in the construction industry