POINTR - AR-powered eyes on the field

POINTR is a professional remote video collaboration solution, powered by augmented reality (AR). POINTR allows borderless knowledge sharing in secure, reliable and effective way with zero configuration.

The application enables communication even in the most challenging conditions with any standard device. POINTR allows our customers to visit their sites and solve problems remotely without leaving their desk – we are already there.

The application is developed by Delta Cygni Labs.


POINTR Collaboration Features

  • Live video & audio stream
  • AR annotations
  • Live & pause mode
  • Field notes
  • Camera selector
  • External cameras
  • Desktop sharing
  • Text chat
  • Camera privacy

For more information www.pointr.com


Guaranteed image quality. Works with any network connection from 4G to satellite.


Globally approved for security critical infrastructure facilities. No firewall configuration needed. All data encrypted and handled confidentially. No access to personal data, session content or saved files by software providers or third parties.


Easy to use, zero configuration. Saves time and costs. Scalable solution. Always available.


Lowers carbon emissions. No new devices needed. Gives everyone capability to gain more expertise.

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Joonas Koivuniemi
Head of Enersense Digital