EmTrace: A turnkey digital solution combining tracking, optimization and safety for industrial operations

In optimised production, it is not enough to move products and materials: you must know where they are. Knowing where inventories are is essential when a critical action is required. Harnessing data as information helps optimize the use of assets, both human resources and materials. Sound decision making relies on timely and accurate information derived from real-time data.

EmTrace is developed for the challenging large industrial sites where the smooth flow of materials has a substantial role in operations efficiency and heavy equipment meet soft humans, every day. It utilizes advanced positioning and location technology providing accurate and real time information about material, vehicle and personnel locations. This makes finding the right resource easy and actively optimizes the route – making the way to materials secure and optimized.

Why EmTrace?

Tracking down smooth flow of materials. There is no need to rely solely on memory, as EmTrace can track every tagged item in real time. It also utilizes other tracking tools such as QR-codes, which helps to trace down all stored items.

Playing it safe in confined spaces with tight visibility. High end positioning technology combined with spatial layout models helps to avoid collisions and actively warns about the forthcoming challenging confluences.

Optimizing operations by calculating the best routes, providing information about the occupation of facilities and giving insights about the usage of production equipment – all this to improve the efficiency and making it safe.

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