EmSite Telco – remote monitoring and control system for telecom sites

EmSite Telco is a next generation remote monitoring and control system for telecom sites. It utilizes modern technologies and a flexible architecture that enable optimised site maintenance and energy management. The system is state of the art, flexible, scalable and secure.

EmSite provides a holistic, real time view to all of your sites. It enables e.g. totally new opportunities for maintenance optimization, energy management, life cycle planning and remote audits.

EmSite connects different data sources such as the power supply unit, cooling & ventilation, conditions, intrusion detection, surveillance cameras etc. and analyzes each site in real time. Em360 virtual tour lets users to put site data in to context and therefore deeply understand what is going on at the site. Modern APIs ensure smooth integration to customer’s existing architecture.


What is Emsite Telco?

EmSite Telco is a next generation remote monitoring and control system for telecom sites.
Emsite Telco

Why EmSite Telco?

Remote monitoring and control with modern technology provides the basis for a telecom site owner to run its operations safely and efficiently.

Smart alarms and real time analytics enables cost reductions for maintenance, less customer affecting faults, longer equipment life cycles and lower risk levels for site owners.

Reductions in energy costs can be achieved with EmSite in many ways. Real time energy consumption data creates the basis for efficient energy management and monitoring different carrier loads enables site owner to share the electricity bill accurately between carriers. EmSite makes it possible to utilize site’s back-up batteries in optimizing electricity spot price or in demand response markets.

Easy to understand documentation with Em360 virtual tour enables virtual site audits, remote installation & maintenance planning and comprehensive analysis of the sites condition and operational status.

Cost effective intrusion detection and surveillance can be implemented on top of EmSite platform using the same connectivity and hardware that is used for connecting other data sources. Surveillance cameras can be easily integrated to EmSite user interface.

Smart analytics provide site owners valuable information for life cycle and investment planning to use investment capital more efficiently

Future proof flexible architecture and connectivity lays the foundation for site owner’s future development such as new business opportunities in monetizing the site and tower infrastructure.

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    Joonas Koivuniemi
    Head of Enersense Digital