EmSDM for optimisation of the conditions in production facilities

EmSDM is an intelligent product based on sensor technology, developed for the measurement and optimisation of the conditions in demanding production facilities.

The wireless data-collecting solution helps to ensure efficient production through the standardisation of production conditions and enables fast reaction to any changes in these conditions.

Using sensors, the product locally generates information on prevailing production conditions. A support station set up near the sensors transmits information to the cloud service, from which the information is transmitted in real time to both a mobile application, to be monitored by field personnel, and to the base for follow-up analysis.

Why EmSDM?

EmSDM provides a reliable and real-time view of the production conditions, such as temperature. This allows the production conditions to be optimized and to ensure production efficiency and quality. The product allows rapid response to changing production conditions.

The employment of the product is easy and fast. EmSDM is simple but professional and is suitable for various applications and situations.

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