EmSafe – active work safety

EmSafe is a modern-technology-based product utilising real-time locating. The product improves work safety and minimises risks in industrial zones.

Why Emsafe?

EmSafe, intended for both outdoor and indoor sites, helps prevent collisions between people and vehicles, and helps, in danger situations, to pinpoint the location of people and dangerous materials. EmSafe warns any involved parties about approaching danger situations, thus preventing accidents.

EmSafe collects data analytics regarding close-call situations, behaviour that has endangered work safety, motives, and surrounding circumstances for work safety development.

Safety around the clock

EmSafe monitors and alarms incidents 24/7 without any additional personnel costs.

The product is based on real-time location system (RTLS) technology and includes small location tags for fastening to tracked objects, mobile applications for operation and alerts, and data-analytics for the purpose of improving work safety. EmSafe can be complemented with safety observations and risk assessments utilising location data.

EmSafe is intended

  • For various production facilities, machine shops, warehouses, and dock areas
  • Indoor and outdoor sites, small and large areas
  • Areas where people and vehicles are at work together
  • For tracking of people, tools, vehicles, hazardous objects
  • For detection of, and warning about, danger situations


Enforce Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

The current global pandemic has shown that it is more important than ever for companies to ensure safety at workplace. With EmSafe, employees can be tracked within site to enforce social distancing and contact tracing, thus preventing the spread of infection and interruptions in business.

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