Staff leasing

Flexibility for business operations

Workforce for your needs – quick, flexible and easy. We take care of everything, such as wages, sick pay, equipment and permits.

Staff leasing is an easy, flexible and cost-effective way to find the right talents, who get the work done. We can help you find both individual employees and larger groups, for temporary and long-term work alike.

Our services bring flexibility and readiness to react in the changing situations that are unavoidable in working life. You can plan your future without worry, knowing that we can guarantee a workforce for you. Staff leasing is also a good and safe way to recruit new employees.

Recruiting workforce by staff leasing is cost-effective, as you will only pay for the completed work. You can also focus on your core expertise whilst we take care of staff wages, sick leave, equipment and required permits.

Why staff leasing?

When should I use staff leasing? With our services, you can leave all matters related to staff recruitment and management, such as recruitment and wages, to us. This allows you to focus on your core expertise and keeps your operations agile.

We provide you with:

  • Flexibility for small and large staffing requirements
  • The ability to react quickly in changing circumstances
  • A risk-free way of recruiting new employees
  • Courage to fill in your order books far ahead into the future
  • An opportunity to focus on your core expertise
  • Ease and agility for your business
  • Savings, because we handle recruitment marketing, for example
  • Control over seasonal changes in the workforce

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Mika Linnamäki
EVP, Staff Leasing