Seasonal recruitment

Talented workers for critical seasons

Do you need workers for industrial downtime or the summer? We can also ensure employees for larger needs during seasons that are critical for your operations.

Does your company need summer employees? Do you need more workforce during your industrial establishment’s maintenance downtime? We have effective processes, tools and channels to ensure suitable staff recruitment even for larger staffing requirements and seasons critical for the business.

Our service covers the entire recruitment process, from job advertisements to interviews – you can leave it all to us. However, you will always make the final recruitment decisions. You will only pay for realised recruitment. A well and professionally managed recruitment process will also improve your company’s employer image.

Rakentamisen suunnittelupalvelut ja asiantuntijapalvelut

What does our seasonal recruitment service include?

Our service is a “turnkey” solution, and you will only have to make the final decision on recruitments. We already have the working processes, tools and channels to reach suitable applicants. Our service includes:

Review of the customer’s needs

  • Drafting job advertisements
  • Recruitment marketing (such as Duunitori, Oikotie and social media channels)
  • Processing of applications and verifying backgrounds and references
  • Contacting job applicants and applicant communications
  • Job interviews and primary selection of applicants
  • Presenting the best applicants to the customer

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Mika Linnamäki
EVP, Staff Leasing