Outsourcing is partnership

Outsourcing staff requires a professional partner. When we take care of your staff, you can focus on your core operations.

It may sometimes be wise to outsource your staff, either partially or entirely. Outsourcing is a process that arouses many emotions. It is therefore important to choose a reliable and professional partner.

We have a long history in staffing services, as well as ready and considered processes to ensure that you succeed in your outsourcing as our partner. Outsourcing always gives you an opportunity to focus on your core operations and develop it, as we look after your staff.

When to outsource?

Successful outsourcing is based on a trusting partnership. Outsourcing aims for long-term cooperation in which goals and performance indicators are decided together.

With outsourcing, we can provide:

  • Transparency and predictability for staffing costs
  • An opportunity to focus on your core expertise
  • Ease and agility for your business
  • Flexibility and ability to react quickly in changing circumstances

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Mika Linnamäki
EVP, Staff Leasing