Servicing and maintenance

We are constantly hiring people for different tasks in servicing and maintenance. Our primary task is to find you work. When one work assignment ends, we try to find you a new one immediately. We want you to enjoy working with us for a long time. There is plenty of work for both experienced professionals and those at the start of their working careers.

Servicing and maintenance jobs

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Why Enersense?

Fast route to a worksite
Our primary task is to find you work

Wide range of work opportunities
When one worksite is completed, we will instantly find a new one

We provide help with everything
You can always contact us, and we will try to help

Straightforward attitude
We want to meet people as people

Fair wages
Our wages are based on collective agreements and competence

We take care of you
Occupational healthcare right from the start of work and regular well-being surveys

Great benefits
Exercise and culture vouchers and shared events

Channel to permanent employment
Every year, over a hundred workers find permanent employment through us

We take care of the equipment
We provide work clothes and equipment as well as safety cards

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Enersense is strongly involved in creating a zero emission society by being a pioneer in these changing times. Our versatile services help bring success to Nordic and international companies in the industry, energy, telecommunications and construction sectors. Our goal is to be our customers’ primary and versatile partner during the energy revolution.

Enersense has 2,400 employees in 40 different countries who are working towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.