Work management trainees

Every summer, we open many work management trainee positions for construction students, in new, repair and infrastructure construction sites alike.

Work management trainees jobs

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Why Enersense?

Perfect matches
Our recruitment success rate is 97%

Wide range of work opportunities
public and unannounced jobs of out 500 high-quality customer companies

Diverse career paths
reach small family businesses and large listed companies

High-quality customer companies
We know our customers and their backgrounds and financial information

Skilled recruiters
We have years of experience in the industry

Responsible operator
We recruit and employ responsibly

Help with your career path
Our primary task is to find you a job that suits you best

Straightforward attitude
You can always contact us, we will be happy to help

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Enersense is strongly involved in creating a zero emission society by being a pioneer in these changing times. Our versatile services help bring success to Nordic and international companies in the industry, energy, telecommunications and construction sectors. Our goal is to be our customers’ primary and versatile partner during the energy revolution.

Enersense has 2,400 employees in 40 different countries who are working towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.