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Enersense is a brave group of manufacturing, energy, construction and telecommunications professionals. Our vision is to build a sustainable and clean future. We offer intriguing job opportunities from projects that last a day to ones that take years as well as permanent positions.

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Enersensen toimialat energiateollisuus, rakennusteollisuus, elektroniikkateollisuus ja sähköteollisuus


We are looking for professionals with strong motivation to work in various industrial sectors, such as energy, construction, and electronics and electricity.

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Enersense rakennusala talonrakennuksen, maanrakennuksen ja talotekniikan (LVIS) alat sekä työnjohtotehtävät ja toimihenkilötehtävät


We employ hundreds of talented workers in the construction sector for housebuilding, land construction and building services engineering (HPAC and electricity) as well as for work supervision and administrative work. We offer both temporary and permanent employment.

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Enersense huollon ja ylläpidon erilaiset työtehtävät

Servicing and maintenance

We are constantly hiring people for different tasks in servicing and maintenance. Our primary task is to find you work. When one work assignment ends, we try to find you a new one immediately.

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Enersense tuulivoimapuisto


Enersense is strongly involved in creating a zero emission society by being a pioneer in these changing times. Our versatile services help bring success to Nordic and international companies in the industry, energy, telecommunications and construction sectors. Our goal is to be our customers’ primary and versatile partner during the energy revolution.

Enersense has 2,400 employees in 40 different countries who are working towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.